1 year ago

Laravel route not found error while using global route prefix

Posted 1 year ago by hsntngr

I'm using laravel 5..7 and having some trouble on multilingual website... I have global route prefix for adding seo purposes. (adding lang parameters like en,tr to url)

            'middleware' => 'web',
            'namespace' => $this->namespace,
            'prefix' => in_array(Request::segment(1), $this->noLangPrefix) ? "" : Request::segment(1)

it actually works pretty well with below Language middleware..

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
        $langSegment = $request->segment(1);

        // go ahead if is admin panel or sitemap
        if ($langSegment == "admin")
            return $next($request);

        if ($langSegment == "sitemap.xml")
            return $next($request);

        // if is homepage 
        if (is_null($langSegment)) {
            return $next($request);

        if (strlen($langSegment) == 2)
            return $next($request);

        return redirect(url(config("app.locale") . "/" . implode($request->segments())));

When i say, "app.test/blog" it redirects me to "app.test/tr/blog"

But if I say "app.test/blog/sample-blog-spot" it gives me Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException

Why I'm getting this error ? Because it cant fine route or something and how can I fix it ?

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