Laravel Remember me checkbox not working

Published 10 months ago by Pirate

I created simple builtin laravel login system and i have set database configuration and users details getting stored in database But when i login with remember me checkbox it is getting sucessfully login but the remember me checkbox not working when i clicked.

What changes should i make to work??




I am also facing the same problem when i try to login with remember me checkbox don't know whether the laravel's login system is wrong we need to configure it.Please do share the solution...


From documentation :

If you are using the built-in LoginController that is shipped with Laravel, the proper logic to "remember" users is already implemented by the traits used by the controller.



Yeah, but in my laravel login system it is not working..

I also have tried with clearing cookies in Mozilla and Chrome browsers..


When you say not working, can you explain a little more? What is the exact sequence of events you’re going through? Do you get any error messages?

If you view cookies, after submitting the login form with the remember field ticked, can you see the cookie with the remember me code set?


@gbuckingham89 In my Login System there is no error it gets successfully login the problem is when i ticked with remember me gets login and again logout.Once again when i click on login it should get automatically login its asking the email and password.this not how the remember me works i think!!


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