5 days ago

laravel redirect handling / increase coding style

Posted 5 days ago by t0berius

I'm working on a checkout page, this page consists of 3 controller actions (step1 / step2 /step3). In every controller action I would need to perform a few checks which are the same all the time.

I've created a method on the user model for this:

public function canPlaceOrder($product, $request)
        throw new \App\Exceptions\CanPlaceOrderException('error1');

        throw new \App\Exceptions\CanPlaceOrderException('error2');

        throw new \App\Exceptions\CanPlaceOrderException('error3');

    //add new checks here...


namespace App\Exceptions;

use Exception;

class CanPlaceOrderException extends Exception

    public function report()

    public function render()
        return back()->withErrors($this->getMessage());

Now I'm using this method inside every controller action like:

Auth::user()->canPlaceOrder($product, $request);

Any idea how to get this solved and not using the same code lines in every one of the three controller actions? Is this a good style in general?

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