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Posted 8 months ago by lanatel

Hello guys. On my site, users will receive different types of emails. Some of them are related to registration on the site; others will be sent when the user asks questions, and so on. One type of emails is mass mailing. All of them will be queued with a different priority.

The queue worker will be running on a separate server (is it appropriate?), where the queues will be processed according to the priority. Bulk mailing will be in the same queue, but it should have some extra parameter that I can separate them later (for example, one day I have to send to all users a notification about the promotion on the site and these messages should be in one group, and after some time I will send messages on a completely different topic and they also should be separated). I need this to be able to delete all jobs that have not been executed yet and which handle sending emails from specific group or pause the job executions and continue it after a certain time.

So the main question if it is possible to implement. I have read about Laravel Horizon (I use Redis) and know about the tag existence. Can I use them to achieve my goal or they are used only for monitoring jobs?

I will be glad to hear any thoughts, ideas and advices. Thank you

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