1 week ago

Laravel - Postmark Get Message ID

Posted 1 week ago by limeframe

Hi to all! I am using postmark to send transactional mails with laravel. I am trying to get postmark mail Message ID for later tracking and logging but without success. I am using the following code :

            Mail::send('mails.dalertFirst', $maildata, function ($message) use ($emailParalipti,$replytomail,$company,&$messageCode) {

                $recipient = $emailParalipti;
                $messageFromTitle = 'XXX';
                $messageTitle = 'Ενημερωτικό λήξης υπηρεσιών';
                $messageCode = $message->getId();
                $message->from('[email protected]', $messageFromTitle);
                $message->bcc('[email protected]');
                $message->replyTo($replytomail, 'PRO');

But i get back the swift message id and no the postmark message id. Any suggestions?


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