11 months ago

Laravel Passport Oracle DB error

Posted 11 months ago by Tomi

DB: Oracle Laravel: 5.7

While i Passport is trying to persist the new Token for the User it gives following error and not creating any toke.

Error Code : 1722 Error Message : ORA-01722: Invalid Number : 145 Statement : insert into "OAUTH_AUTH_CODES" ("ID", "USER_ID", "CLIENT_ID", "SCOPES", "REVOKED", "EXPIRES_AT") values (:p0, :p1, :p2, :p3, :p4, :p5) returning "ID" into :p6 Bindings : [da3315abd6a4fe597465898a76feb95fdf8e8116ee64c3889516842a6fa7418e4cf3e030fb8f3445,434,1,[],0,2018-11-22 13:00:44,0]

Not sure if its an oracle issue, or if i am doing something wrong with the Passport setup, but don't think there are lot of things where it could go wrong while setup.

For me it seems there is an additional 0 at the end, not sure why this happen. Anyone had a similar issue so pl help?

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