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Laravel Passport and Chrome Extensions

Posted 1 week ago by meeshal

What will be the perfect way to make auth:api requests from a chrome extension to laravel passport api?


  1. Chrome extension users should not have to go though the Oauth process of redirection.
  2. Once a user is logged in they should be logged in until they logout, I mean even if they close the browser they should be logged in.
  3. Issued tokens cannot be used with other devices

What I am currently doing:

  1. On register/login I am creating a password access client and issuing a token and a refresh token, valid for an year.
  2. Storing these tokens in local storage of that device (
  3. Using these token to know if the user is valid or not, logged in or not.

Ofcouse this is not a good idea because anyone can register, which will generate a token and this can be used to access allowed resources (i am using laratrust for ACL), from any device or bot to exploit my API.

My platform/server: Laravel 6, Passport 9, Laratrust 5

I have multiple clients for the API, a mobile app, own website (using CreateFreshApiToken middleware), other 3rd party clients (using Oauth), I need to add this new chrome extension to have access to the API.

Any help will be great, Thanks

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