Laravel Pagination causes MethodNotAllowedHttpException ?

Posted 6 months ago by uccdev

So I am working on a site that paginates two different types of DB queries.

The first is a generic "get everything" query. The second has specific checks (e.g "WHERE name = 'John'")

Both are done with simplePaginate(num); I'll show my code if it's considered relevant.

The first works perfectly fine. BUT the second throws an error whenever I use the Next or Previous buttons to fetch the next results.

               Symfony \ Component \ HttpKernel \ Exception \ MethodNotAllowedHttpException

No message

This is not an out-of-bounds error since I know the database has more values under the specified query. **EDIT: No longer the case, see "EDIT 2". **

Does anyone know why this happens?

EDIT: For clarity, here is my code for the second query. It works for the first page, but ONLY causes errors when I use one of the buttons to move to another page.

          $postmen = DB::table('postmen')
  ->join('cats', 'postmen.cat_id', '=', 'cats.cat_id')
  ->join('reg_status', 'postmen.status_id', '=', 'reg_status.status_id')
  ->select('postmen.postmen_id', 'postmen.forename', 'postmen.surname',
   'cats.description AS catdesc', 'reg_status.description AS regdesc')
   ->where(function ($query) use ($request) {
     if (!empty($request->forename)) {
       $query->where('postmen.forename', $request->forename);
     if (!empty($request->surname)) {
       $query->where('postmen.surname', $request->surname);
     if (!empty($request->cat_id)) {
       $query->where('postmen.cat_id', $request->cat_id);
     if (!empty($request->status_id)) {
       $query->where('postmen.status_id', $request->status_id);
     if (!empty($request->postmen_id)) {
       $query->where('postmen.postmen_id', $request->postmen_id);

EDIT 2: It's been pointed out that now the route was incorrect. I had been using exclusively "route::post". I have added a route::get for my view now:

      Route::get('/postmen', '[email protected]');

I am no longer getting a "MethodNotAllowedHttpException". Instead I am getting a time-out because it's redirecting itself too often. I'm not sure what's wrong there.

Any advice?

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