8 months ago

Laravel new error displaying package (Ignition) causes error on shared hostinging

Posted 8 months ago by hsntngr

Laravels new error displaying package runs command at startup and it causes The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation. error.

Here is error trace

at Process->__construct('git log --pretty=format:\'%H\' -n 1', '/home/u7640462/congresssun.com/dev')
in AddGitInformation.php line 50

at AddGitInformation->command('git log --pretty=format:\'%H\' -n 1')
in AddGitInformation.php line 25

It's shared hosting so I'm not able to change php.ini file effectivly. I can't enable proc_open on php.ini

So how can I get away with this error ?

Even if I set .env for production and close debugging it gives me above error.

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