2 months ago

Laravel Kill Queue Job

Posted 2 months ago by oguzhankarabulut

I am using laravel 5.6 in my project and i needed a queue jobs. I decided to use Amazon Sqs and i connected my application with aws successfully. I create a queue job file with using command:

php artisan make:job MakeAmazingJob

After that laravel generate a Jobs folder and MakeAmazingJob file. After that with using command:

php artisan queue:listen I started my job and it worked succesfully. Then i remove this MakeAmazingJob file and and generate new job file with command:

php artisan make:job MakeMoreAmazingJob

Then i want to start my new job and and started with command:

php artisan queue:listen

And in terminal output was:

[2020-03-20 12:33:54][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:55][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeMoreAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:55][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processed: App\Jobs\MakeMoreAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:55][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:56][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:56][1b66ac1a-7071-4878-a565-d4a3895bc243] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:57][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:57][1b66ac1a-7071-4878-a565-d4a3895bc243] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:58][382e78ad-ed37-4e08-8f02-a292ebf29cbd] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob [2020-03-20 12:33:58][1b66ac1a-7071-4878-a565-d4a3895bc243] Processing: App\Jobs\MakeAmazingJob Infnitely..

After this output i googled because i excepted and should be laravel should not try process removed job and i found a solution it was a use this command:

sudo php artisan queue:restart

And i tried and used this command after i started again my jobs, still result is same. Laravel is trying infinitely process to removed job. So, how can kill the removed queue job?


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