3 years ago

Laravel Javascript validation plugin which should use FormRequest Rules

Posted 3 years ago by faysal1994

I have been searching to find a good working plugin for jquery validation for laravel which should use the laravel rules defined in ForRequest or Controller. But could not find any working one.

I tried "laravel-jsvalidation" but not working fine. It submits the form even if empty field error showing.

Also tried parsley and then parsley extra (which they say supports laravel rules) but not working.

Can anyone please suggest me a good plugin already made which does runtime validation before submitting the form and when all javascripts validation passes then form will gets submit like normal submit (not using ajax) . PS. I want javascript plugin to use FormRequest rules instead of defining rules again inside the html text field attributes.

Please bear with me i am new to Laravel . I hope you understand me questions


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