5 years ago

Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time

Posted 5 years ago by dazed067

Thank you for yet another, overblown, insular, open source POS. I just wasted half of my day trying to get my head wrapped around this unusable, un-necessarily confusing piece of garbage. My first attempt at using a PHP framework has been a complete disaster. Where is the download button? Who is the idiot who decided I have to download Composer, and Github, and something called Homestead, before I can even use Laravel!?! I have to study the entire history of these three other things, and become fluent in them first?? After three hours I haven't even come close to creating a single line of php code. While I was needlessly running in circles I found a Codeigniter video on Youtube. In ten minutes It showed me how to install and use Codeigniter. I'm already cranking code in less time than it took to write this rant.

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