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Posted 4 weeks ago by GillesDeb

Hey all!

I'm following the "Laravel from Scratch" course and already stuck (0_O) at ep.3... Well stuck is a big word, but I hope one or more of you can help me back on track...

I'm following along with Jeffrey and all goes fine, until i needed to place the 'composers system wide vendor bin directory' in my $path.

Some questions / issues i get :

Question :

I'm also on mac but my Terminal looks completely different than Jeffreys. His has just a command line 'code' as mine has "name of MAC": ~ USERNAME$

Is this of any importance? I guessed not...

Issues :

I followed along exactly as Jeffrey explains (which is very well done btw), but after changing the path we 'echo $path' to check if it's done correctly.

In Jeffreys case it shows '.composer' in the path as for me : /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/Library/Apple/usr/bin = NO '.composer'

Doesn't look right, surely isn't right, but I followed along nicely (verified multiple times), so decided to test the next command...

Next command i type manually as I follow along further (just to check) : ls /Users/USERNAME/.composer/vendor/bin

It shows Laravel but Jeff's list shows (laravel, phpcbf, etc) > Still, could be fine (I think) so I move on..

Next command, USERNAME$ laravel new test -bash: laravel: command not found > while Jeff's application is being crafted

Any suggestions what to look for? Terminal is very new I just followed along so not confident in me messing around with it...

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