Posted 8 months ago by deepu07

Hey Folks, Im new to homestead. I'm struggling with creating two laravel projects in homestead. Can anyone help me on this? here is my config code:

#YAML file (I have two laravel projects in Sites foldes.)


- map: ~/Development/sites/Laravue
  to: /home/vagrant/sites/Laravue

- map: ~/Development/sites/Lara-vue
  to: /home/vagrant/sites/Lara-vue


- map: Laravue.test
  to: /home/vagrant/sites/Laravue/public

- map: Lara-vue.test
  to: /home/vagrant/sites/Lara-vue/public'

#here is my hosts file       localhost broadcasthost
::1             localhost   Laravue.test   Lara-vue.test

I'm getting one project for two URLs (Laravue.test and Lara-vue.test both are routing to same project)

Anyone have any idea why it is loading one project. Thanks in advance

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