1 year ago

Laravel - generate unique order number

Posted 1 year ago by Rainieren

Hello, I'm currently trying to generate a unique order number when the user reaches the create method. The order numbers are generated like this in the seed and need to look like this as well


foreach(range(1,25) as $index)

                'user_id' => rand(1,25),
                'order_nr' => '#' . sprintf("%08d", $index),
                'price_sum' => $faker->randomNumber($nbDigits = 4, $strict = false) . '.' . $faker->randomNumber($nbDigits = 2, $strict = false),
                'status' => $faker->randomElement(['paid', 'pending', 'failed']),
                'created_at' => Carbon::now(),
                'updated_at' => Carbon::now(),


The order numbers look like this #00000001 or #00000002. Now when the user reaches the create method in my controller a new unique order number in this sequence needs to be created. How can I achieve that? The controller currently looks like this:

 public function create()
        $order = new Order;

        $order->user_id = Auth()->id();
        $order->order_nr = 


        return view('steps.order');

It needs to check the latest order number and create one with +1 on that order number. Say for instance there are 25 orders and the last one is #00000025 the one that needs to be created next needs to be #00000026. How can I achieve that?

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