1 month ago

Laravel Excel Import Update Existing

Posted 1 month ago by devionti

I read through the documentation and I am unsure on how to update existing instead of creating new entries

class ImportUsers extends Command
    protected $signature = 'import:users';

    protected $description = 'Laravel Excel importer';

    public function handle()
        $this->output->title('Starting import Users');
         (new UsersImport)->withOutput($this->output)->import('Imports/users.xlsx'); 
class UsersImport implements ToModel, WithBatchInserts, WithChunkReading, WithHeadingRow, WithProgressBar
    use Importable;

    public function model(array $row)
        return new User ([
            'id' => $this->transformNameToId($row['Name']),
            'name' => $row['Name of Employee'],
            'nationality' => $row['Nationality'],
            'position' => $row['Position'],

    public function transformNameToId($value) {
        $user = User::where('name', $value)->first();
        if(! $user){
            return null;
        return $user->id;

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