3 years ago

Laravel Environment setups

Posted 3 years ago by skoobi

Hi sorry for the newbie questions i've been going through the laravel from scratch series of tutorials and i'm a little confused on a few things work regarding environments. I've been looking at laravel for sometime and been wanting to use it on a project but never really strayed much from codeigniter, but a project has just come up where laravel suits the specs (future proofing) its a perfect time for me to try and learn laravel and as it's a relaxed project where i can take my time.

So heres my questions i hope they make sense :)

  1. What i'm looking to do is use mamp/homestead as my localhost and then push it via git to Heroku (my production server) when i'm happy. I've started doing this with heroku already and it works brilliantly but is it the right way? or is there another way?

  2. How do developers mainly have their setup and how do you deploy it to the production server when its in development to show to the client and when it's live and need to do an update?

  3. With the databases how do you manage them both? I.e. i've setup my localhost mysql using mamp and a cleardb on Heroku but if i want to do a migrate and rollback will it effect the two? Or do i just have a live database on heroku and just use that. But then that won't be good as it will be live at some point.

Any help or guidance with this would be greatfull

Cheers Chris

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