3 months ago

Laravel disables Javascript functionality

Posted 3 months ago by unknownbreakdown

I've implemented an HTML admin theme in a Laravel project. When working on the admin theme alone on a live local server, each time an option is clicked on the side menu, this option maintains its selected status after the request is completed (CSS classes are added dynamically to the corresponding HTML element). However once integrated into Laravel this functionality is lost. No matters what menu option is clicked, after the request completion the default side menu option remains selected. I assume maybe the Javascript code linked on the layout is cached and isn't read anymore on each new request, but I don't know how to solve this issue.

I've just generated sample rushed code to be tested.

On the Laravel project you can test the issue with the two first links on the side menu.

The Laravel project contains only a clean installation of Laravel, the theme assets, and two sample theme HTML files.

The browser console shows no errors.



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