Thanks for the reply, it seems to be a driver issue indeed. I figured out so by tinkering a lot with this and even setting up homestead to figure out the expected behaviour on this.

I even Asked Taylor Orwell about this on Twitter and his response was that this inconsistency is not an eloquent problem but a MySQL driver issue. I recommended mentioning this MySQL driver inconsistency in the framework requirements so that people are aware but not sure if this will happen.

I even contacted mamp pro team ( which I use on my dev box) and they showed some interest in switching to the MySQL native driver in future releases but I am not sure if this is in thier priority list or even at all. It seems that MySQL driver is not something that you can change with a configuration setting but something your stack is compiled with.

Under all this mess I figured it's about time to leave mamp pro behind and use homestead for my development needs. Surely will need some time to get used to but considering I am full into web development with laravel it's wise to follow he recommended development environment practices.

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