4 months ago

Laravel Cashier - Renew, cancel or resume subscriptions

Posted 4 months ago by Mohamm6d


Recently, I have integrated Cashier (Stripe) with my laravel platform. Everything goes well so far. User can select a plan, enter their card details and subscribe to that plan (with a trial period)

But if they cancel their subscription, if Stripe cannot charge them after trial ends, How I can handle this part in Laravel? apparently, there is no sync function between Stripe and Laravel

I made a test account, subscribed with real card to a plan and before first month ends, I cancelled the plan. After end_time of subscription, user was still in premium plan and however, customer was updated on Stripe, but not in Laravel

My main question is how I can have integration (or sync function) between Stripe and Laravel for when customer renew the plan, cancel or resume the plan.

Thank you in advance

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