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Laravel bug in traits boot method auth access?

Posted 2 years ago by ImArtur

I have some weird problem. I'm following TDD tutorial, and right now i'm trying to test something this way:

public function test_it_records_activity_when_a_thread_is_created()

        $thread = create(Thread::class, ['user_id' => auth()->id()]);

        $this->assertDatabaseHas('activities', [
            'type' => 'created_thread',
            'user_id' => auth()->id(),
            'subject_id' => $thread->id,
            'subject_type' => 'App\Thread',

        $activity = Activity::first();

        $this->assertEquals($activity->subject->id, $thread->id);

Everything is kind of ok, I noticed that


Is null in traits boot Method but in other trait methods it is working fine.


trait RecordActivityTrait

    protected static function bootRecordActivityTrait()
        dd(auth()->id()); <----- This returns null even if im logged in
        static::created(function ($model) {


I noticed someone with the same issue an me:

``having trouble with

if (auth()->guest()) return;

in the boot method of the trait. the auth check just returns null no matter what. i've confirmed I'm booting the trait in the model

I've also confirmed my middleware look the same as Jeff's.

Any tips?``

Any ideas?

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