8 months ago

Laravel Broadcasting - Preferable way to go

Posted 8 months ago by mihirpatel83

I would like to implement some realtime functionalities like notifications or chat. The more I search the more it's confusing me.

You can use pusher, redis, nodes.js. laravel-websockets, ratchet. I guess there different ways to do this

  1. Laravel & Pusher and this way you don't have to implement the websockets server
  2. Laravel + Redis + socket.io
  3. Laravel websockets(Based on Ratchet)

I am thinking to start implementing with Laravel and Pusher and then once done think about implementing own server with nodejs or laravel websockets package.

Just wondering If my understanding is right and it's the right way to go for. I am totally a newbie and would like suggestion on selecting a proper approach to learn and implement this.

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