6 months ago

Laravel Api | Social networking | Vuejs

Posted 6 months ago by talhaatsix

Hi I'm new in development . i learn laravel 5.7 .

need help to complete my sample project .

A Social Networking site

Users , Friends , Posts , Chat System , likes , Share .

1 ) how can i design db .

2 ) How to create api with custom auth and token multiple devices .

3 ) How Chat system design for 1-1 chat and group

4 ) Add settings in users for posts , public , private and friends

5 ) Single Post Privacy settings public , private and friends

6 ) Share Post (i'm duplicating the post with shared user_id)

7 ) Fetch posts on user newsfeed with checks Users post his friends posts and shared posts and privacy check posts . with pagination

if a user is my friends and his post is private .
if a user is my friends and his general settings for posts is private 

8 ) user pofile info settings his email and address , public private and friends .

i need help how to create this in laravel and is it possible in laravel

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