1 year ago

Laravel and "Offline First" (PWA)?

Posted 1 year ago by doni49

I've got a PWA that want to develop. But it needs to follow the "Offfline First" notion. So that even when offline, the app will show the dataset that it last knew about.

If the user edits anything (or creates new content) that new data needs to be stored locally until the next sync.

I've been reading about CouchDB and its replication capability. But to use that well would involve having one DB per user.

I need to have users that can create content. Then they will have immediate supervisors. The supervisors need the ability to edit/delete content created by their subordinates. Admins need to be able to create/delete users as well as edit content created by any user. So I don't think 1 DB per user will work so well.

Does Laravel have any other ways of dealing with this?

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