2 weeks ago

Laravel 8, Jetsteam, Inertia change login view

Posted 2 weeks ago by TomMcEvoy

The Laravel Jetstream documentation says for simplicity the scaffolding for login etc are written as blade and do not use a Javascript framework. Under the old Laravel/Ui package, it was possible to change the default login view through the showLoginForm() method in the controller.

How can I change the default login view using Jetstream/Fortify? For example I want to render the login page using Inertia rather than blade.

I know there is a Fortify::loginView() method which can be added to the boot method in the FortifyServiceProvider. But this won't work with the Inertia::render method. For example:

Fortify::loginView(function () {
   return Inertia::render('Auth/Login');

This throws an error message:

Argument 1 passed to Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response::setContent() must be of the type string or null, object given

I'm probably missing something simple, but the documentation is so sparse at the moment, I'm stuck.

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