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laravel 7 on submit always redirecting on homepage

Posted 2 months ago by lara-dom

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Really weird reaction when my app is online. MAybe because it's on a subdomain for testing before going live.

When login, posting and updating everything works fine on my localhost (xampp) but when online in my cpanel subdomain shared setup, every time I submit a form with an error or not it always redirecting to the homepage. I can redirect a flash message with it but i can't redirect back through a controller.

I try to find out and pin point from where it can be from, but I'm really confuse??

Maybe somebody already had the same issue and know a quick fix.


I decide to give my live url so you can see the problem. I would like to give some code but I can't see from where.

Everything is working fine on my localhost... really puzzling!

Thanks for any suppoort you can provide

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