4 months ago

Laravel 6 from scratch, installation issues.

Posted 4 months ago by ilariadev94

Hello, I'm following the course larval 6 from scratch, but I have issues on installing. Here the list of steps I took.

  1. checked for php ( php -v ) and I already had the 7.1
  2. checked for mysql and I didn't have. I installed it with brew install mysql
  3. installed composer as shown in the video
  4. made composer global as shown in the video
  5. used composer to install laravel ( composer global require laravel/installer )
  6. checked my $PATH value ( /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin )
  7. checked my $HOME value ( /Users/ilaria/ )
  8. added my home path to /etc/paths with sudo vim /etc/paths
  9. opened again the file to check it was added and this is what its in the file

  1. made sure laravel was added to the path, and it was

everything seems to be fine, but when I run laravel new project that's what I get

➜  code laravel new project1
zsh: command not found: laravel

why is that? btw, shouldn't I also do services mysql start ?

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