Laravel 5.6, Bootstrap 4 + Template, jQuery and Vue

Posted 1 year ago by Luka

I am trying to learn Laravel. I started with Laravel 5.5, but have re-started now with a clean new install of Laravel 5.6. I need Bootstrap 4 and jQuery as well as Vue. I have to admit that I struggle to understand Node and how to install everything. I did the following. I went into c:\xampp\htdocs\ and run laravel new blog this created me a directory with all the Laravel files. I then went into that directory and run npm install. This created me a folder called node_modules with all the packages. After that I run npm run dev. Apparently this compiles my SASS and the resources/assets/js/app.js file. After that I run php artisan make:auth which created me the app.blade in resources\views\layouts in there I have 2 entries:

 <link href="{{ asset('css/app.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">
 <script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}"></script>

Stupid question, do I still have to download the Bootstrap Files into the public folder manually and use

<link href="{{ asset('css/bootstrap.min.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">

etc plus for all my other files or do I misunderstand something? Apparently Laravel 5.6 includes Bootstrap 4 so how can I just use that?

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