3 years ago

Laravel 5.3 Passport for Mobile client app

Posted 3 years ago by Desmond

The new feature of Laravel 5.3 Passport seems very nice. I used the JWT and Dingo api to build my mobile app client apis. I know Passport provides a full-feature OAuth2 authentication system but I mostly only use JWT for user login because I won't provide 3rd party app to access user's resources. I wonder to know how to use Passport to replace my old solution.

Here are 2 solutions:

  1. Make my mobile app as a 3rd party app: Create only 1 client(oauth) and all mobile clients use that to logic. But I don't need the callback and confirmation of authorisation page. 2.Use personal token. But the problem is that the token record will be stored in database unlike simple JWT .

I wonder to know what solution used by other big websites such as Instagram. They also provide OAuth server but how about their official mobile apps? Also use OAuth or else?

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