4 years ago

Laravel 5.2 web site break connection at any time in any page After data uploaded to live server

Posted 4 years ago by sandygajera

hi, i have install laravel 5.2 on my server and upload my project data to server but some time in browser it show me below error for 2 seconds and then automatically it give me response of web page that i need. so it break connection and then automatic it create connection and load website page.

Browser Error: page is not working --> This error is show in browser only 2 second at any time and then automatically load my request url page so any one know about this problem or is there any settings on server phpinfo file or any laravel file . please suggest me.

Note: This issue is arise in any time in any page (request url). and is my site name and i also give permission on storage folder and bootstrap/cache folder Thanks in Advance

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