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L5.8 - Dynamic Prefix to include an id

Posted 1 year ago by laracastsluvr

Hello friends,

Got another one! A question that is ;)

Is there an efficient way to have a view (a dashboard for example) display certain settings based on a route prefix with a property ID?

For example:


The abobe example should fetch messages of a store with store_id = x. Also after all Authentication and Authorization is passed!

My first thought was after the user logs in, they would be presented with a selector page to pick which "store/entity" they would like to proceed in working with.

Hello, please select the store you would like to access

Store 1 link -> domain.tld/store/1001/
Store 2 link -> domain.tld/store/1010/
Route::group(['prefix' => 'store/{store_id}'], function() {
    Route::get('/', function() {

    Route::get('settings', function() {

    Route::get('messages/{id}', function() {

Or should I scrap this idea and go with a session key that stores the selected store_id from the "selector" entry page then access it every time on the app's controllers?

Any advice or another way possible?

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