[L5.1] Event listener gets instance of model instead of event itself

Posted 3 years ago by Francismori7

Okay so here's my error, relative to type-hinting of course:

ErrorException in InvalidateClientsCache.php line 24:
Argument 1 passed to App\Listeners\InvalidateClientsCache::handle() must be an instance of App\Events\ClientWasCreated, instance of App\Client given

My EventServiceProvider is as follows:

    protected $listen = [
        ClientWasCreated::class => [

ClientWasCreated is raised from a job called (CreateNewClient) (event(ClientWasCreated::class, [$this->client]);)

ClientWasCreated is like this:

    public function __construct(Client $client)
        $this->client = $client;

InvalidateClientsCache then goes like that in handle():

    public function handle(ClientWasCreated $event) { }

WHY OH WHY does Laravel try to give me an instance of the created Client model? Instead of giving me the supposed ClientWasCreated event instance??

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