Issue with Closure route

Published 8 months ago by dcaldessa

I have a route that I am trying to set to a simple page but it is not working this is what I have

Route::get('userSelection', function(){
    $roles = \dracanon\Role::all();
    return view('admin.users.note.iframe.noteUserSelectionModalContent');

and when i go to the url

I keep getting the following error

(1/1) ErrorException
Undefined index: controller

in ControllerActionNameComposer.php (line 16)
at HandleExceptions->handleError(8, 'Undefined index: controller', 'D:\Ampps\www\\app\Http\Composers\ControllerActionNameComposer.php', 16, array('view' => object(View), 'action' => array('middleware' => 'web', 'uses' => object(Closure), 'namespace' => 'dracanon\Http\Controllers', 'prefix' => null, 'where' => array())))
in ControllerActionNameComposer.php (line 16)

Not sure why I am getting this error on a simple route, my friend has the same project that I am working with on his pc and his routes go through fine. Any help to solve this would be great I am at a loss where I sould be looking for a resolution.

8 months ago (998,115 XP)

you have another route called userSelection?


no this is the only route called userSelection, I can test for sure though by trying another name but pretty positive it is the only one .


no other route with that name

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