2 years ago

Is "The page has expired due to inactivity" issue a bug in Laravel 5.5?

Posted 2 years ago by behnamazimi

This issue really confused me! I asked it many times in many places! I searched for a solution in stack and I did what I had to do, but the issue not solved.

At first I thought that problem related to services and providers, and I asked this question but I create a new project with Laravel 5.5.0 and without adding any complexity I just added a post route and call it in form action and nothing changed!

Please help, I really confused and I did so much of a project with Laravel 5.5 in the hope that perhaps the issue will be resolve!


As I explained above, I did all basics such as adding {{csrf_field()}} to form or clearing cache, view, routes and config by artisan commands! but my problem is still here!

To being sure about problem, I created a new project by this command laravel new testProject, and I just add a form to the welcome blade that includes csrf token too. and I added a post route that return $request->all();, but my problem still is there!

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