4 years ago

Is it possible to use a model other than User with Cashier

Posted 4 years ago by Anotheruser


I have a Company that has multiple User 's associated with it. I would like to use the Company model with Cashier in the same way that User is used in the Cashier docs. The reason for this is that I don't want to have a individual User account associated with the Stripe account and instead have a Company account handle that. The Company would then have a User account assigned to it ( the company admin ) which could be swapped out at any time with a different User.

I have this all working except when it comes to Stripe webhooks. As Cashier handles this by simply defining a route I need to know if it is possible to enable Cashier to update my Company if for example a card expired leading to a failed payment, instead of updating a User account as it does out if the box. Ideally I would also like to perform am additional task - update a specific DB Company table field value when a failed payment webhook is received.

All advice very welcome.


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