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Is it me or Laravel is really hard to tame for beginners?

Posted 1 year ago by Alekseyio

I come from the frontend world. For the most part I've been doing HTML/CSS/JS. I'm definitely an advanced frontend dev thus I can explain almost everything when it comes to the technologies listed above. How browser reads an HTML file, how CSS and CSSOM work under the hood, how 'this' keyword is defined in javascript, prototypal inheritance, closures, functional programming etc. It was really easy for me to understand all these concepts and then I tried Laravel...

Now, I thought that it's the right time to get hands dirty with backend side and I've spent quite a bit using just PHP without any frameworks or packages from the community. It was ok, I mean, PHP is probably the one language that is easy to pickup and hard to master (IMO). When I got bored of doing routing and all that stuff every single time I needed to make a new web app I understood that it's better to learn a framework that does all that stuff for me so I started learning Laravel.

First, the documentation is... well, it's awful (at least for me). I remember time when I started learning React and it's documentation was excellent. It's an actual "Quick start" that shows you the main concepts via an example. Laravel documentation and "Quick start" is more of an "API reference" rather than a documentation. For beginners it's always way easier to get hands dirty with a simple toy app (todos, tasks, etc). Laravel's documentation shows what framework offers without a simple example how you can use it in your project. Maybe it's just me, idk.

Second, I tried watching "Laravel from Scratch" and I really disliked it. In one vid Jeff says "k, we need to create a new task, well then, let's create an instance, assign every property and then just call save() method, it's that simple! Let's continue in the next...", the next vid: "remember how we did it? well there is a better way and blabla..", the following vid: "in the previous vid we did this, BUT, there is a BETTER approach". After watching a half of the course I felt confused. Don't get me wrong, I understand that Jeff knows PHP so well, that he could probably code this website with his eyes closed but in my opinion it's not how courses should be done.

Maybe it's just me (100% sure I'm the gifted one that can't grasp all these concepts). I did some development with Node.js and Express. It was just a pleasure for me to use it while with Laravel... I don't know.

For me Laravel compared to for example Node + Express is like comparing Vue and React. In React you should really know JavaScript in order to accomplish thing while in Vue you have a boilerplate that you should follow.

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