5 months ago

Interfaces again

Posted 5 months ago by Mindexperiment

Hi programmers,

I just want to implement a simple feature, use an interface to manage 'em all!

So I wrote my interface


namespace App\Contracts;

interface Publishable {

  * The model can be published
 public function publish();

  * The model can be unpublished
 public function unpublish();


really simple :smile:, than implement the interface on a model


namespace App;

use App\Contracts\Publishable;

class Article implements Publishable {}

then in a controller I want to manage all models that can be publishable:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Contracts\Publishable;

class PublisherController extends Controller {

 public function publish( Request $request, Publishable $model ) {

  return back();

That's pretty simple task, by looking the docs I see that IOC needs to be registered before using the interface, so I register under AppServiceProvider:


// - AppServiceProvider

public function register()
        $this->app->bind( Publishable::class, Article::class );
        $this->app->bind( Publishable::class, Comment::class );

The binding doesn't recognize Article class but only Comment class, how can I assign a common interface to many models?

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