4 years ago

Installing Laravel wihout Composer

Posted 4 years ago by Gupta_Ganapatharaju

You can laugh all you want, but I have been an IBM mainframe programmer/analyst for 30 years, and have not had any opportunities to do any rocket science or brain surgery in all that time. You can roll around on the floor after I tell you that I have been trying to teach myself OOP, HTML, CSS, and PHP for years now, and I find nothing more tedious than to code with that package of crap.

It's hobby, and I come back to it every winter when I have nothing else to do, and a couple of years ago I discovered Codeigniter. Wow! What a wonderful framework when you don't know any better, and I still don't. But a while back, maybe a year ago or two years ago, I think it was Jamie Rumbelow but I can't be sure, started saying that Laravel is much better.

So here I am, wanting to give Laravel a try for the second time in as many years, but I have a problem. I want to install the thing by downloading some files, and copying them into the server. I have absolutely no desire to learn Composer. There is nothing that I find intuitive about it, it is a pain in the rectum, and it forces me to use the Windows command prompt, to which I am allergic. Yes, you heard right, I run WAMP on a Windows machine because that's what I do.

Has anyone written a version of Laravel that does not require Composer?

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