6 months ago

Installing Font-Awesome to Laravel via Composer

Posted 6 months ago by WallyJ

I installed Font-Awesome using the command:

composer require components/font-awesome

in my project folder.

It was successful. I went to use it and it didn't work. Then I thought.. Oh... I need to reference the CSS (which is not in the Font-Awesome docs or the packagist instructions at https://packagist.org/packages/components/font-awesome

So I read tried to reference the CSS file in the vendor folder but that didn't work. Then I read in the docs about publishing vendor assets to the public folder, which seems to have to be done every time the package might update.

Not sure if that is true, but that doesn't make sense. We are in 2020 people. Back in the old days we downloaded a CSS file to update in our apps and it was already referenced. We just downloaded it into the right folder. What is the point of a package manager like composer if it doesn't really update the files we need to use??

Sorry for the rant. All help is appreciated.

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