5 months ago

Inserting data into Laravel database from non-Laravel app

Posted 5 months ago by Garet

Hi all,

I am developing an orders database in Laravel. It will consist of orders (billing and shipping info, etc) along with products that were ordered.

The orders will be coming from a non-Laravel website, hosted on the same server. Customers should also be able to do things, such as login to the non-Laravel website and check the status of their order.

I can easily make the non-Laravel website have access to the Laravel database for the purpose of inserting new orders, and retrieving the status of existing orders. However, I was wondering whether it would be better to make the Laravel application have an API? The non-Laravel website could then insert orders, and retrieve the status of orders, via the API rather than directly to/from the database. Do you think this is worthwhile, or is it an overkill?


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