9 months ago

Insert adds many entries instead of only one?

Posted 9 months ago by uccdev

I'm interfacing with a database in my Laravel controller, where I want to insert given data into a database.

My insert statement is like this:

  $insert =
      'id'  => $data['id'],
      'forename'    => $data['forename'],
      'surname'     => $data['surname'],
      'course'   => $data['course'],
      'status'   => $data['status'],
      'photo'       => $data['photo']

This should create only one insertion, to the best of my understanding, since I am only entering the one value. However, when the page tries to display the results when I search based on ID alone, I get dozens and dozens of entries! One for each combination of "course" and "status" (where those two are fixed fields, values between 1 and 5).

Note that I am not working with a model, just putting the input straight into a controller.

I have also tried the alternative laravel function, DB::insert...

  $insert = DB::insert("INSERT INTO myTable
  (id, forename, surname, course, photo)
  VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", [$data['id'], $data['forename'], $data['surname'], $data['course'], $data['status']]

...But this runs into the same problem.

Furthermore, when I check my database separately (via a "SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE id = 888;") then I don't get many entries - I get only one.

Yet my webpage shows as many as 40 entries for that same ID, for a single iteration of a given field - when only one should exist at all.

Any advice? I'd be most grateful for any help someone could give me here.

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