Importing Node_Modules (Like FontAwesome)

Posted 1 month ago by Lordbedwetter

I recently started a project and want to add some flare to it by using some icons. I headed over to FontAwesome and installed v.5 into my Laravel project using their npm command. I notice that it is is the node_modules folder.

My questions:

A. What is the best way to import this into my project? (Should I move the files into the resources folder or reference them in the node_modules directory etc?)

B. I'm sure there are more ways than one to accomplish this task, however, is there a best practice to importing things like this that you install from the npm manager?

I searched for awhile and didn't see anything regarding the best way to do this and was hoping I could turn to the community for some guidance. There's so much to learn regarding the framework. I'm working hard to fill in the gaps, but this issue unfortunately, is a gap in my skillset.

My code can be seen at my Github if interested:



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