1 year ago

Dropped queries by ~29,980 but still 30+ seconds to load...

Posted 1 year ago by hunterhawley

Hey everyone!

So, the community here on Laracasts has done a lot to help me on this one. Originally (as described in my question from last week: I had a problem with the way I had my queries set up. The front page of my app was pulling around 30,000 queries and 100+MB. It was ridiculous, but since this is my first app, I'm actually just super proud that I've got those numbers down to 16 queries and 8.5MB. However, it still takes my front page 38+ seconds to load (according to DebugBar).

Now, I'm really lost here, and I'm kind of hoping somebody knows a magical artisan command that will clear a cache I don't know about and poof, my time will be down to under 2 seconds. However, I'm not sure that will be the case.

So I guess what I am asking is... What should I be asking? As stated above, DebugBar is giving me no reason to believe that this should be taking so long, but I don't even know where to look at this point. I've worked for a week to cut the queries and memory usage down, but this thing still rockets my Google cloud instance to 100% usage.

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