2 weeks ago

huge array data duplication checking shows execution time exceeded

Posted 2 weeks ago by jinsonjose

$contact_list = DB::table('sector_contacts AS c') ->leftJoin('sectors AS s', 'c.sector_id', '=', 's.id') ->select('s.id AS sector_id', 'c.id AS contact_id', 's.name AS sector_name', 's.dx_no AS dx_no', 'c.title AS contact_title', 'c.first_name AS first_name', 'c.last_name AS last_name', 'c.email AS email') ->where('c.sector_type', 1) ->get() ->toJson();

$contact_list contains around 15000 records in below second foreach extract checking shows error like Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded , also increases the maximum execution time upto 10 minute but same exception happening Maximum execution time of 600 seconds exceeded how to solve this

foreach ($contact_json as $sc_data) { foreach ($contact_json as $sc_data1) { // code } }

could you help??

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