3 years ago

Https problems with routes

Posted 3 years ago by eriktobben


So I've been working on a very simple API and I have been testing it for a while with no SSL-certificate. After I installed a Let's Encrypt certificate through Forge I get a strange error.

My routes look look like this:

Route::get('email', '[email protected]')->name('email.index');
Route::post('email/send', '[email protected]')->name('email.send');
Route::get('email/{id}', '[email protected]')->name('');

On all routes I have a Token validation that gets passed as a header on the GET-routes and as part of the request body on the POST-route.

Problem: If I send a POST request to I expect to get a response back with the email ID but instead I get a token validation error. After some testing I find that this particular message gets generated by [email protected] That was not the case before I added SSL. If I test the same route in Homestead everything works great.

If I do the same request to everything works as expected.

I find it strange that adding a SSL-certificate will change how the server handles the POST request and sends is to a route that is only defined as GET. There have been no changes to the code and the same code is working fine in Homestead (without SSL)

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