5 months ago

HTTP Error 500 on one project on server but not the other?

Posted 5 months ago by uccdev

I've been uploading projects to a centos server lately. One of them is recognised, and shows me the main laravel index page.

The other is not recognised, and gives me a http 500 message.

I cannot check the logs of this page as its storage/logs folder on the server is empty.

I've checked the public directories of both and they seem to be effectively the same: they both have a css folder, a favicon.ico, a robots.txt file and an index.php file.

I change which directory the document root is pointing to. (e.g DocumentRoot = "/var/www/workingProject/public", vs DocumentRoot = "var/www/Err500Project/public")

Any advice on what I can do? I can provide more information on request, I'm just not sure what to look for

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