5 months ago

How/where to adapt Email Verification?

Posted 5 months ago by geerizzle

I've setup an ecommerce solution like this:

Step 1: User enters email & name. On submit, user is created in DB with random password. Step 2: User logged in automatically. Completes checkout with address & makes payment. Step 3: User then sets account password and some other things. DB updated with their password. (Step 4: They verify their email to get full access to user dashboard.)

I wanted to do this to minimise the number of fields they need to complete before paying and also to capture email address for remarketing if they abandon the cart.

I want email verification. The problem is that right after step 1 the verification email is sent. So potentially they receive it while still at step 2, they click on it to verify but they don't have their password created yet.

How can I disable the automatic sending of the verification email and then manually send or trigger it after step 3?

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