1 year ago

How to verify online reservation user and inform admin via email?

Posted 1 year ago by Msoft

HI, currently I am developing online simple taxi booking system using Laravel. actually it is basic reservation system. it is functionality like following,

  1. users booking taxi over website

  2. then user receiving conformation email to users email

  3. then user logged with the system and confirmed by clicking on the link to verify user email

  4. after confirm admin receiving email including users booking details.

actually I do not use any database for these process. I like to handle those posses via emails? I allready have developed email verification system to register users. but in this app there are no need users registration. any way I have following questions here

  1. is this ok to develop without database

2.if you already know some tutorials same to this matter please send me those resources links also.


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