5 months ago

How to validate URL query parameters?

Posted 5 months ago by vegasys


Here it says :

if ($month = $filters['month']) { // some query scope }

When I run the app, it raises following error: Undefined index 'month'

I can solve the error if I change it to: if ( isset($filters['month']) ) { // some query scope }

Why does it work on the video but not in my app? (Laravel 5.5)

if I go to my home at /home, it won't work anymore, unless I go to /home?month=&year=

Also, how do I validate url parameters? If I go to /home?month=''''''&year= It will raise an error because Carbon expects a month but I provided single quotes. How do I validate the $_GET['month'] before it enters within the $query->whereMonth()?

Info aby my setup/code: Laravel 5.5. No custom code so far. I just followed the whole video tutorial so far (I'm learning). All my controllers and models are fully similar to the Laracast video above.


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