1 year ago

How to validate two user record in one table

Posted 1 year ago by AbdulBazith

Guys iam working with a project inventory control

but the application is used for same owner two shops.

so what i made the difference is i have given two logins for them to enter their data.

say for example user1 enter the product name in product table.

user2 also enters the product name in the same product table. the login id makes the difference,

now i need to validate the product nume not to be duplicated.


if i give lie this it validates the product not to be duplicated.

but both the users need to enter same product.

for example Rice must be entered by both the shops. if i give as above validate code. only one shop can enter the rice when another user comes he cant enter the rice because it will duplicated.

i need to validate for that user.

so that if user1 enters the rice, next time he should not enter the rice. it should validate. but user2 can enter the rice, next time for him also it should validate.

How to do this???

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